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Our editors strive to be honest and accurate. We follow the IPSO Publishers Code of Practice.

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Ikea, founded by the genius maverick that was Ingvar Kamprad, remain true to the spirit of the brand when producing and delivering mattresses, which is being simple, being practical and being low in price. These make the mattresses appealing prospects to those who want a mattress that is going to provide its value for money. Though it could be easy to misinterpret the minimalism of the mattresses to be bland, the standard quality of its foams to be poor and the cost-efficiency of the mattresses to be indicative of the use of flimsy materials, we think if you look a bit closer you’ll find that isn’t necessarily the case. Though there are some choices amongst the list of mattresses that could easily backfire, there are some that could turn out to be absolute gems that solve your sleeping conundrum. Let’s take a deep dive into a compilation of Ikea mattresses to see which of these could be best suited for you.

The Hamarvik mattress 

Ikea Hamarvik, Pocket Sprung mattress summary

This  is an innerspring mattress This gives the mattress a high level of firmness, but it also brings a lack of responsiveness to the forces exerted on your body. The comfort layer that the mattress offers reduces this problem, somewhat, but it can do little to prevent the issue of motion transfer that this mattress has. Since the innerspring core is a single network, movement from one area of the bed is likely to be disruptive on the other end. This makes it a poor choice for sleeping couples and those especially sensitive to movement across a mattress. What the Hamarvik is exceptional with is breathability especially due to the ticking or mattress cover used. The material of the cover is made up of polyester and cotton with the underside being 100% polyester. This is significant because polyester is a synthesized water-resistant plastic polymer that is brilliant at keeping your sweat at bay whilst sleeping. 

Price starting from: £115

Rating based on other reviews: 2.5  stars

The Hokkasen mattress

HOKKÅSEN Pocket sprung mattress, medium firm/white, Standard King

This mattress uses a combination of latex and springs in its production. Even though memory foam is not used the mattress still is adaptable because of the elastic qualities of latex The Hokkasen combines two kinds of springs to complement the  latex. These are the pocket-sprung coils and the micro-springs. The steel pocket springs can bring pressure relief to specific parts of your body due to pocket springs being individually wrapped coils that have independent range and freedom of motion. Therefore they can isolate the pressure alleviation very well. The partnership of the micro-springs and the pocket springs gives the mattress a medium-firm level of firmness.

Price starting from £379 

Rating based on other reviews: 3  stars

 The Morgedal mattress

This is a memory foam mattress, but as it has a high ILD it is of a very firm level. Due to the low quality of the memory foam used and the low-quality of the PU foam used along with it, the four memory foam effects which are the network effect, pneumatic effect, relaxation effect and adhesive effect combine to produce the memory effect are toned down. Therefore the properties usually associated with memory foam are not very noticeable in this mattress. This could make it a deal-breaker if you enjoy the melting conformity of memory foam. However, for heavy sleepers, this mattress will perform very well. The firmness of the Morgedal will prevent the heavy sleeper from falling too far into the foam which prevents proper support and endangers spinal alignment which can cause back and neck issues. However, an Ikea mattress that has a similar level of firmness, but seems to perform better in most areas is the Ikea Hovag. It is one of the most popular UK Ikea mattresses and it offers great quality for its price.

Price starting from £199

Rating based on other reviews: 2 stars 

MORGEDAL Memory foam mattress, medium firm/dark grey, Standard Double

The Hafslo mattress

HAFSLO Sprung mattress, medium firm/beige, Standard Single

 This is one of the most popular Ikea mattresses and its design of it makes it quite evident why. It is a simply constructed mattress that is made up of an innerspring network and a foam layer. With the innerspring coils giving a high level of firmness and the polyurethane foam offsetting that firmness with some slack, the overall firmness of the mattress falls at a medium-firm level. The polyurethane foam prevents the Bonell coils of the innerspring core from causing discomfort, acting as protection between you and the coils and that is why it is the comfort layer. In addition, the  breathability  of the mattress is of a very high level because the innerspring core structure allows for the free and constant passage of air throughout. This keeps heat mobile and flowing instead of stagnant which can cause temperatures to rise. Therefore you are kept cool, so you can sleep comfortably. 

Price starting from: £85

Rating based on other reviews: 4 stars

The Asvang 

Ikea Asvang mattress summary

This mattress epitomizes the basic, uncomplicated nature of most Ikea mattresses. It is made up of two foam layers which together only make the height of the mattress 12 centimeters. This is a problem for side sleepers,  who usually require the standard height of a mattress as a minimum and that industry-wide standard is 25cm. The foam wadding is used for padded softness. The cover is a velvety stretch fabric that adapts to your movement. This reduces friction between you and the cover and increases the comfort you experience. 

Price starting from: £75

Rating based on other reviews: 4  

That’s a review of what has been rated as some of Ikea’s best-selling mattresses in the UK. If it proves much at all, then it is sometimes that less is more. Remember, if these Ikea mattresses don't suit your needs then it is likely the Ikea Hovag  could be the saving grace of Ikea's mattress catalog.

IKEA Hövåg: Pros and Cons

We appreciate

  • You want to remain cool at night because of its heat transfer properties
  • You want to sleep on a firm and supportive surface that will not have a lot of sinkage
  • If you need relief at specific pressure points of your body like your hips 
  • You want a mattress that will promote spinal alignment, although this quality can diminish after not a long while 
  • If you want the comfort of even mass distribution and the ability to roll to any side of your mattress with the same level of support

We regret

  • You want to sleep without the disturbance of motion from another area of the mattress. For that we recommend the ‘Emma original mattress’
  • You want a mattress that will conform to your shape and is very adaptable. For that we recommend the Simba Hybrid .

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