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Emma premium microfiber pillow

Emma pillows and cover, Review and Comparison, 2022



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Our editors strive to be honest and accurate. We follow the IPSO Publishers Code of Practice.

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Emma premium microfibre pillow review and comparison


Emma has two  pillows on offer: the Emma premium microfibre pillow and Emma original pillow. We will review both of them. 


Emma premium microfibre pillow

 Firstly, the pillows are light, breathable and can be washed with ease. It is almost completely polyester, so is highly moisture resistant. It is ideal for spinal alignment and stability  due to how it props up the head, whilst allowing it to be contoured into the pillow due to the memory technology. It is made up of two layers, one containing a more dense concentration of microfibers  and another layer which is softer in comparison and has a more spaced-out distribution of microfibers. You can choose which layer you would prefer to sleep on. This also prevents those really annoying pains in the neck that can come from a pillow with minimal  structure and support. It also  promotes spinal alignment due to the positioning of the head in relation to the head. 

The pillow is a great alternative option to down pillows. Emma pillows boast numerous qualities that down pillows, whether they be goose or duck down cannot. Notably down feather pillows trap a lot of heat due to lack of air circulation. Also they lack the firm and steady support that keeps the spine aligned and elevates the head for better comfort throughout the night. These are areas where specifically addressed by Emma in designing their pillows. 

Emma original pillow: 

This is no regular pillow  though because just as how Emma have constructed their original mattress, the Emma original pillow is developed  with foam construction . Interestingly the foam layers are almost completely identical to  the foam components of the  Emma original mattress which the pillow is supposed to be an accessory for. The differences mainly are the ordering of the layer composition. Check out our breakdown of the levels of the pillow construction. 

Composition of Emma original pillow 


Memory foam layer

The very top of the pillow is a viscoelastic memory foam that has the fluid-like properties, so that your head contours into the adaptable material. It also   evenly distributes your weight upon the pillow between your head, neck and shoulders. This spreading out of the weight, alleviates the pressure that is placed on  the pillow  and offers more relaxing conditions. It  is described as ‘zero-gravity’ due to the sensation that it induces of almost pure weightlessness. 

Emma Original pilow as individual layers of four sections

Airgocell foam layer

Also the pillow comes with an airgocell layer which uses a very unique construction of porous cell-construction to improve the breathability through its capacity of supporting air-flow. This allows for sweat to be absorbed by the mainly polyester material and the heat is dispersed, leaving you cool and comfortable.  

HRX foam layer

Beneath this layer is the HRX supreme foam layer. The HRX standing for High-resiliency extra is what makes the pillow as durable and long-lasting as it is. It essentially acts similarly to the HRX base in the mattress, but in the pillow not only does it offer the firmness and stability required for head-support, but brings a cushioned adaptability as well, so that you do not miss out on the softness you would need for a great night’s sleep. Furthermore the resiliency of the HRX supreme foam means that the pillow retains its shape regardless of  sleeping movement or weight shifting, so the support doesn’t wane throughout the night. With a HRX supreme foam mattress you receive a higher level of density than the regular grade of polyurethane foam materials and with this you are guaranteed more sturdiness. Therefore your pillow won’t have too much sinkage which lacks the necessary spinal support. 

What if the layered system doesn’t suit you?

 This is the order of the foam composition  that it arrives as and is recommended in this way especially  for side sleepers since the layering combination is what you require for ideal cervical support.  However what  is notable about this  foam layering system is that you can customise it however you want.  This means that it does not exclude side-sleepers, back-sleepers or stomach-sleepers from benefiting from the pillows. All you need to do is remove layers that make the pillow too high or inappropriate for your sleeping style, but keep in mind the HRX  supreme layer is usually essential for necessary support and elevation, so it’s advised to consider constructing your ideal pillow around this cold-foam layer.  If you want the airgocell layer at the top and the viscoelastic memory foam beneath it, you can have it that way.  In addition, if you think you would be better of without a particular layer, you have the freedom to decide to do without it. This is likely most suitable for back-sleepers, so if that is your preferred sleeping position you can try just using the HRX foam layer or use the layered combination for your shoulders, stomach or thighs instead of your head. Putting the pillow there will further boost the pressure-relief that you will receive when sleeping on the Emma Original mattress. Below we have made our recommendations dependant on the type of sleeper you are:

 Configurations for different sleepers: 

Type of sleeper Recommended number of layersRecommended first layer 

Recommended second layer


Recommended third layerRecommended fourth layer
Side-sleepers 4Outer Cover Memory Foam HRX Supreme foamAirgocell layer
Back-sleepers 3Outer CoverHRX Supreme foamAirgocell layer 
Stomache-sleepers2Outer Cover HRX Supreme Foam  

How do the Emma pillows compare?

Star rating out of 5

Emma Pillow softness of texture, Hand placed against material
Characteristic Emma premium pillow  (Out of 5 rating)Emma original pillow (Out of 5 rating)
Mass- distribution44.5
Adjustability 35

The Emma cover

Besides the foam layers another beneficial aspect of the pillow is the moisture-resistant top cover. It is elasticated, so it is easy to pull over the rest of it and possesses a sleep-inducing and delicate indented texture. It adds further breathability on top of what the airgocell layer contributes. As the cover is mainly polyester it has brilliant moisture-wicking capabilities. Its elasticity makes it able to stay tight to the foam-layered pillow, so the effects that  it is supposed to engender are felt through the cover and not reduced by it.


Other details of the pillow is non-toxic  is completely suitable for vegans due to pro-vegan material use is completely hypo-allergenic and of course is totally fire-retardant. 

Are the company policies helpful?

The pillow comes with a 200 night trial, offering an assurance that it will match your needs and your requirements for a nice sleep. 

In addition, it comes with a 2 year guarantee, which guarantees that the quality will not falter over this minimum period of time. It has a money-back guarantee. 

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