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Best Ikea mattresses in U.S, Comparison, 2022



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Our editors strive to be honest and accurate. We follow the IPSO Publishers Code of Practice.

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Ikea US Mattress Close up, Review

Ikea has been producing well-crafted mattresses that may have slipped under the radar, but they’ve made too many to make the list we’ve prepared here, so we’ll look at a few which have sold well and see how they compare. Our aim is to find at least one for each kind of sleeper, so your next mattress could be on the list below. 

The Haugsvar mattress  

This mattress is one of Ikea’s most popular mattresses and is a top seller. It is a hybrid which means it is comprised of foam as well as a pocket-sprung core. It is made up of three layers of  polyurethane foam and the PU is of a high density and high resiliency which gives greater durability than foam mattresses of a lower density. However, polyurethane does not have the conforming qualities of memory foam and as the mattress has a combination of three polyurethane layers it provides quite a high amount of firmness. The PU foam sits on top of the pocket-springs and gives support to the sleeper. 

 The Ikea Haugsvar summary

The Hasvag mattress

This is made up of a core structure of springs, with 2 inches of foam above. The spring core is an innerspring network that is made of Bonnell coils, altogether being 5 inches thick. This means the coils are interconnected as a single unit. As a result, this module of the mattress will perform quite poorly with  motion isolation,  with movement on one side of the bed likely to be felt on the other end, since the springs will spread absorbed pressure throughout the unit. This makes it a poor choice for sleeping couples. 

The Hjellestad  mattress

 This spring mattress, unlike the basic Hasvag, is heavily layered with varying structures, with 6 layers combined with a noticeable effect. At the base of the mattress is 1 inch of polyurethane foam. This acts as the supportive foundation of the mattress, due to the tolerant and resilient qualities of polyurethane. The density of the PU of this layer is a PCF of 3.1. This gives it about a medium level of firmness, so it will not be too hard and will not allow for excessive sinkage. It is important to note the higher the density of a mattress the more likely it is going to be used for without its properties diminishing. Above it is 6 inches of Pocket-sprung coils. Then above that is half an inch more foam which is used for the transition layer of the layering system. All of this layering makes it almost double the thickness of the Hasvag which has a thickness of 21 centimetres. This makes it a bit more difficult to get out of and more difficult to transport. Above is 3 and a half inches of mini-coils which enhance the responsiveness of the mattress, with smaller coils equating to more specific regional comfort. Altogether there are 950 coils in the mattress which are split into an equal amount between two layers and the coil-count  has an impact on the level of support offered. Another level of polyurethane foam goes on top. Finally at the very top is the memory foam layer which further elevates the comfort of the mattress. 

Ikea Hjellestad summary

The Minnesund mattress 

The Ikea Minnesund foam mattress summary

This mattress is mainly aimed at kids. It is made up of only latex foam and a cover. Due to the lack of layers and the very basic composition, it is the cheapest of all the Ikea mattresses with prices starting below £80. This makes it a great budget purchase. However, it does not make it of lesser comfort than all of the other Ikea mattresses. In fact, latex is one of the most luxurious kinds of material that has great elastic properties which makes it very adaptable. Yet it is not exactly a latex mattress and will not have all of the properties of one because it does not use springs or reflex foam to complement the latex foam. The density of the mattress is a PCF of 1.7. The cover is made of 64% cotton and 36% polyester. Due to polyester being essentially a plastic polymer it is water-resistant and cotton as a natural material is great at moisture-wicking due to its cellular structure. This makes it great for those who tend to sweat more in their sleep or eat or drink on their bed. 

 The Matrand mattress

This mattress is made up of 2 inches of memory foam. This of course gives it a ‘viscoelasticity’  which allows the mattress to contour around you whilst sleeping Memory foam works to slow down the responsive reversion to neutrality from the foam due to four interacting effects and this is what creates the melting effect. The mattress top is easily washable since it can be removed and machine-washed. There are specially crafted comfort zones that alleviate pressure in the shoulder, hips and back. This is critical because this is where pressure tends to build up, so the mattress is purposefully built to keep counter this. The problem with this mattress as is the problem with most memory foam mattresses is that it retains a lot of heat and temperatures within it usually rise. It depends on the cover to circulate the air and combat the warmth. 

The Ikea Matrand memory foam mattress summary

The Holmsbu mattress

The Ikea Holmsbu mattress summary

This innerspring mattress is more advanced and has more layers than the Hasvag mattress. It contains three levels of pocket-sprung coils with PU foam sitting at the base and providing support for the mattress. It is over 44 cm thick due to the layers which include about 30 centimeters of coils being stacked up, with two layers of pocket springs being sandwiched between two layers of polyurethane foam. On top of the upper layer of PU foam is 2.5 inches of micro-coils  which adds to the responsiveness of the coils beneath. The mattress is similar to the Hjellestad mattress’s layered system because it consists of 6 layers with memory foam properties manifesting at the top. However the difference is that the Holmsbu uses an upgraded memory foam called gel foam, which is simply memory foam, but with  gel capsules infused into its structure. The gel foam uses a cooling technology that reduces heat that usually builds up in memory foam and makes sleep comfortable. 



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