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Emma duvet cover

Emma original Duvet, Protectover Cover and Blanket, Review, 2022

Duvet of Emma Original close up, Review

Emma Duvet

As the duvets  are specially designed with microfibers, compounding polyester and polyamide, they are very absorbent and breathable. It is brilliant at moderating the temperature and   any  sweat will be absorbed whilst the mattress performs  its moisture-wicking capabilities  to have any sweat not caught by the duvet, evaporated on the surface. Microfiber is a synthetic fabric that can be considered to be a microplastic, yet it does not have an irritating  texture. The practicality of using microfibre is also how lightweight it makes the duvet. This prevents the struggle of feeling like an overbearing, suffocating weight is on top of you whilst sleeping.  Also being lightweight makes the duvet more pliable and easy to fold  around oneself. 

The weights of the varying Emma  duvet sizes can all be classed as lightweight  and they are shown below:

Duvet Dimensions

VariationsWidth X Length (inches)Width X Length (cm)Weight (kg)
Single Duvet55 X 79 140 X 200 1.5
Double Duvet78 X 78200 X 200 2.18
King Duvet 89 X 87225 X 2002.45
Super-King Duvet95 X 87240 X 2202.88

One of the most important criterion in judging whether a duvet is worth buying or not is its moderation of temperature. In the world of assessing the quality of a duvet this is measured by the ‘tog-rating’. This is what is used to measure the thermal insulating capacity of a material and stands for Thermal Overall grade. Essentially though, the higher the tog-rating, the warmer it is. The tog-rating of Emma cloud duvet is 6.7 which is basically a medium, mid-spectrum  rating, between the extremes of 1.5 which is very cool and 16.5 which is very warm. This is a balanced rating from the mattress which makes it ideal for whatever season you find yourself sleeping in. To learn more about the tog-rating to  see what Emma cloud duvet’s rating means  or  see how it is used to determine the thermal-regulating quality of a duvet, check out the link.

With the synthetic fibres densely packed, the duvet, much like faux suede fabrics, has a texture which does not aggravate the skin, but rather caresses it.  Since microfiber strands are finer than even those of  the human hair, they will cause no irritation or chafing of skin and will feel like a very soft cuddle when you are wrapped   within the duvet. Also it  is easily machine-washable and are made with long-lasting materials which means the practicality and air-flow efficiency is not diminished after each wash. 

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Emma Protective cover 

Emma protective cover crumpled on bed, Hypoallergenic qualities

Importantly,  the Emma mattress protective cover is  highly water and spill-proof due to its 100% polyester production, so eating or drinking on the mattress doesn’t have to be a problem.   It is designed with a technology that contains anti-allergen probiotic microcapsules to battle any irritation or allergic reactions that can occur from dust mites or animal allergens. The clever technology is designed for your movement on the bed to burst the microcapsule containers like little bubbles which allows the probiotics to multiply, disperse and work their hypoallergenic magic. With one third of people generally suffering from the allergenic effects of house dust mites being present in textiles or fabrics they  are the main culprits for respiratory problems during the night. However  the hypoallergenic properties of Emma’s protective cover  prevents that from being an issue. To learn more about the special technology and how they are anti-allergen benefits to mattresses, check out the link below. 

 It is also elasticated around the fringes to allow for ease of mattress covering as well as removal. Also  it is easily washable. 

Just like the mattress  it comes with a 200 night trial period. It is available with the 0% interest, finance option, if incremental payments suits you more. 

Emma Original Mattress


The specially manufactured Emma blanket is composed of seven levels  of materials which consists of three different purpose-specific  materials which when combined make a very comfy and soporific blanket:

Emma protective cover breaking down the composition and layers

 The top cotton layer

 This layer uses an extremely soft and supple cotton. The cotton not only feels great against the body, but it also  made up of  naturally  breathable fibres. In fact it is one of the best materials you can use for breathability. The format of the blanket’s woven fibres allows for ease of air access which is circulated constantly. Also the moisture-wicking properties of the cotton used even allows for sweat to be absorbed and essentially pumped up to the surface, so you are kept cool. 

Microfibre and polyester pads: 

 These are two pads that are sandwiched between the other layers.  Polyester is often also great at ensuring breathability and the microfibres compound the breathability as demonstrated with the duvet.

Silica glass beads layer:

 This thin layer is made up of very fine silica beads. Being spherical lined beads, they excel  at evening out the pressure across the body  due to how they affect the weight distribution of the layer.  They are also  a hypoallergenic filler, so won’t be irritable to your system. 

Bamboo cover: 

This cover is the icing on the cake because it offers the delicate texture on top of the air-flow, temperature-regulation and the  pressure-stimulation that the other layers provide. It is made up of  luxurious bamboo fibre which is able to replicate the suppleness of silk, meaning that your level of comfort will be at that level. Not only is  it  also easy to remove and practical to clean, but it has a similar capacity for breathability that the microfibres, polyester and cotton within the other layers have. 

The blanket is heavy, but for a deliberate  reason . It is  to create a   cloud-like feel  that actually has the application of science to back it up. The hugging of a comfortable, blanket  can produce what is termed as ‘Deep pressure stimulation’. This is the human response to a pressured squeeze in the form of a hug, a tight embrace or enwrapped hold where the nervous system is relaxed, the body is calmed and the mind is settled, so you can expect not much less than a blissful sleep.  This is why it is called the hug weighted blanket and therapists are even promoting usage of such a blanket.

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