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Dormeo mattress topper UK

Dormeo Octaspring body zone mattress topper, sleeping couple

As mattress experts we think it is essential that we take te time to focus on products and items which modify the mattresses they are used on. Mattress toppers can be very rewarding🏆 additions  to your mattress if constructed properly and consisting of the right qualities. Dormeo sell a wide selection  of toppers with unique features which we have examined thoroughly to give you feedback on what each of them offer. We discovered that the surge of interest in these branded toppers is merited, but there are points which you should consider for each before deciding on which to go for. 

The Dormeo Fresh mattress topper 


  • The Fresh: Medium/ soft firmness- 3.5 cm thick
  • The Fresh Plus:  Soft firmness- 5cm thick
  • The Fresh Zoned: Soft firmness- 5cm thick

 This  mattress topper is composed of memory foam which  enhances any level of comfort that the mattress you are using, offers. The application of memory foam would in most cases would  be considered a negative feature👎 for how the topper handles heat. However,  the Fresh mattress topper uses a trademarked cooling technology which is devised to ensure heat is not trapped in the memory foam which is a common problem with this viscoelastic material. The Coolmax sheet which fits around the topper contains smartly crafted fibres which transfers  away moisture for it to be evaporated. It's excellent moisture-wicking properties  affects its level of breathability. This keeps sweat from accumulating in the material and causing a hot mess🥵 which can be very disruptive for your sleep.  Each of the variations are fairly plush with the Fresh Plus being more softer in firmness than the regular Fresh because it contains 40% more memory foam. This results in the mattress yielding more to your body weight and being very adaptable.  The Fresh topper is manufactured  with allergy sufferers in mind since the materials incorporated in its production counters dust-mite allergens 🐜and reactions to moulds. Since dust-mite allergies are very common, this is a pivotal factor for many. 

The Dormeo Aloe Vera  mattress topper

Dormeo Aloe Vera mattress topper, memory foam


  • The Aloe Vera: Medium/soft firmness- 3.5 cm thick
  • The Aloe Vera Plus: Medium/soft firmness- 5cm thick 
  • The Aloe Vera Zoned:  Soft firmness- 5cm thick 

The Dormeo Aloe Vera mattress topper also utilises memory foam to bring special comfort to the layer 🌥above the mattress. The memory is partnered with a cover which incorporates Aloe Vera extract. This produces a soothing and relaxing effect which helps  optimise your sleep.  The Aloe cover is a triple threat as an antimicrobial, antiseptic  and antibiotic material. Due to the  antimicrobial qualities  it is resistant to viruses and fungi 🍄which can produce long-term health problems. The antiseptic properties of the Aloe Vera cover will be extremely beneficial for those with skin that is susceptible to infection due to being open. Not only does the Aloe Vera help protect the skin, but it nourishes it too. The extract in the cover rejuvenates the skin by hydrating it 💦whilst you sleep, so not only do you feel great when using this topper, you'll wake up looking it too.  Since the surface of the mattress will be sterilised by the Aloe Vera extract🍃 you can consider it to be clean and safe. The antibiotic aspect of the cover targets harmful bacteria that can present a threat to your health and by preventing microscopic creatures from  nesting on the mattress topper and causing irritation to your skin. 😣The Plus variation of the Dormeo Aloe Vera range also contains 40% more memory foam than the standard Aloe Vera variation. 

Dormeo Octaspring mattress topper

Dormeo Octaspring mattress topper, memory foam and five zone support


  •  The Octaspring Body Zone: Medium firmness- 7cm thick
  • The Octaspring Classic: Medium/soft firmness- 7cm thick

The Dormeo Octaspring mattress topper is the most advanced out of the assessed Dormeo mattress toppers in terms of its construction. With the clue being in its name, the Octaspring is fundamentally a mattress topper made up of eight-sided springs.  What is special is that these springs, that exist in their hundreds, arranged in about 20 rows,  beneath the topper cover, are memory foam. This means that the brilliant adaptability of spring construction  is paired with the luxury comfort of memory foam to produce a unique sleeping experience. 🛌The numerous springs are arranged, so that there is what is called ‘5 zone support’.  This means that through the power💪 of zoned-construction, areas of the mattress topper offer more support, due to there being more built-up pressure such as in the hips, shoulders or stomache region, depending on your sleeping position and weight. This  is offset by the softer regions which allow for greater compression and more sinkage into the mattress. As a result you get a highly responsve mattress, literally designed to give  isolated attention to the individual parts of your body. The Octaspring, perhaps also owes its name to the fact that it has been proven to be 8 times as breathable💨 as the typical memory foam mattress topper on the market. This means that heat is not captured and kept to produce sweltering temperatures within the memory-foam spring construction. 


Which is the best in terms of value for money?

Though the Octaspring does bring alot and will no doubt impact your sleep even if you use it on top of an old mattress that is virtually useless, it can be considered quite pricey in relation to the other Dormeo mattress toppers. Excluding  seasonal discounts, the Aloe Vera mattress topper and the Fresh are close in price, 💲 but   the Fresh seems to offer the most for what it costs.

Which is better mattress topper, The Dormeo Fresh mattress topper

Which is the most well manufactured?

Dormeo Octaspring mattress topper, analysis of composition

Each of the Dormeo mattress toppers have special elements that come with their construction. They each excel in terms of their moisture wicking qualities, thermal regulation and responsiveness due to the memory foam in each of them which is not held back by the usual heat problems of memory foam. Although an easily identifiable problem of the Octaspring is that it doesn't come with features such as cornered straps which help secure it to the mattress, it's zoned-construction that brings immense pressure-relief is an indicator of a finely crafted mattress topper🧐, so it gets our vote in this regards.

Which has the best cover?

The Dormeo Fresh mattress topper comes with a cover that delivers a lot. The Coolmax cover technology's high level of breathability makes it deserving of attention. However the Dormeo  Aloe vera mattress topper seems to just offer much more. The Aloe Vera extract's rejuvenating properties as well as its anti-microbial, antibiotic and antiseptic qualities can be a redefining factor in your sleeping health.  👨‍⚕️It is difficult to overlook its anti-allergen properties which make it a great selection for allergy sufferers and to top it off… quite literally, the cover is completely removable and totally washable, so the Dormeo Aloe Vera mattress topper comes on top👑, in the discussion of the topper covers.

Which types of sleepers will benefit from the Dormeo mattress toppers?

We have come to the conclusion through our analysis that eac of the toppers has an appeal to different kinds of sleepers. The Fresh mattress topper will be great for those who suffer from back pain or are susceptible to back issues. The Fresh Zoned mattress topper particularly promotes spinal alignement and can be considered to be an orthopaedic mattress topper. 

The Aloe Vera mattress topper is ideal for stomach sleepers since the Aloe Vera  Zoned mattress topper variation has maximum support in the mid-section area. Also stomach sleepers can benefit most from the refreshing and nourishing factors of the extract because their face 😶is placed closer to the cover which integrates this health-beneficial cover.

The Dormeo Octaspring mattress topper, due to the zoned construction and  the viscoelastic properties of the memory foam, the motion isolation is quite exceptional.  Since the memory foam minimizes motion transfer and the mattress rippling effect, the Dormeo Octaspring mattress topper is excellent for sleeping couples 💑because the amount of sleep disturbance that comes from individuals on the mattress topper is kept to a low level. 

Company policies and services of Dormeo 

  • There is a small charge attached to purchases of the mattress toppers. However purchases of the mattress' results in free deliveries and all parts of the UK are delivered to, so wherever you are on this little island you won't miss out.
  • Dormeo aim to achieve delivery of their products within a 14 day time-frame. 
  • For orders over £159,  financing options are available, which are 0% finance, or interest free when repaid in three installments.

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