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Best type of mattresses and pillows for side-sleepers, Guide, 2022



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Our editors strive to be honest and accurate. We follow the IPSO Publishers Code of Practice.

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Mattresses for side-sleepers

Whilst there are many differences that separate people and areas of life where many have experience whilst others do not, there is a commonality that unites us all: that is sleep. Yet sleep comes in many different positions. The most popular kind is sleeping on the side. Even this type can be subdivided into various classes which will be explored below. Each of these kinds of sleeping patterns can even reveal aspects of your personality according to some sleep experts and psychoanalysts. What is indisputable is that sleep can really affect our mood. Bad sleep can mean a bad day. Though side-sleeping is the most popular, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t come without any problems. Side-sleepers need the right kind of mattress and bed accessories to have a great sleep because their way of sleeping will necessitate a suitable level of firmness, pressure relief, body-molding capabilities and weight distribution from their mattress.

Why certain mattresses can cause side-sleepers problems

 According to researchers, side-sleeping is preferred by above 70% of a general population. This form of sleeping has a long-term effect on your body. Even the side you sleep on does. Experts have postulated that side-sleeping on the left is healthier than side-sleeping on the right. Sleeping on your right can cause acid reflux and cause gut issues, whereas sleeping on the left has been known to assist with digestion and diminish the chances of suffering from heartburn. Based on what the experts state, though, side-sleeping overall is a healthy sleeping position which is great news for over 70% of people. Although it is generally thought that back-sleeping is the best kind of sleeping position because of the health benefits they bring, side-sleeping is certainly favored by the experts over stomach-sleeping. This form of sleeping can create serious neck or spinal issues. However, side-sleeping, when the mattress is appropriate can assist with spinal alignment and improve long-term back pains or aching of the joints. Also, side-sleeping can help with the reduction of snoring which can be a symptom of Obstructive sleeping Apnea. This can be very serious because it involves airflow being stopped at times. Therefore, in this regard side-sleeping can really improve important bodily functions. Research has even gone as far as indicating that side-sleeping can bring about benefits for your brain as well with side-sleeping being associated with helping reduce cognitive issues. With these benefits in mind, it can be difficult to see what can go wrong with side-sleeping, but actually, numerous drawbacks come with side-sleeping when a mattress doesn’t address them.

Mattresses for side-sleepers

Best pillow for neck pain side sleeper

Based on some studies about 40% of a general population sleep in a side-sleeping variation known as the foetal position. This is the most popular kind of side-sleeping and it is the curling up into a kind of ball like a foetus in a womb. However, when sleeping in this way, the chin draws in closer to the body. This same neck position can occur with ‘the thinker’ position where you are posed like the bronze sculpture called the thinker, with your hands placed against your chin. When your chin is drawn in when sleeping in ways you are causing excessive strain on your neck. This can result in neck pains that can stay with you for a while.
As the foetal position is very popular neck pains from it can be quite common. To address this it is suggested to opt for a pillow that will keep your head elevated. This will prevent you from drawing your chin too far into your body and cause neck strain.

Side sleeper pillow shoulder pain

 When you are sleeping on your side whether that be on your left or right, you are placing a particular amount of pressure on your hips and shoulders. Although it may not be apparent when you are actually sleeping, this may cause discomfort in your hips and shoulders when you awaken. 

The amount of pressure placed on the hips and shoulders when side-sleeping is shown below. This simply means that you will need a mattress that will adapt to the greater pressure in these regions. For this reason, it is recommended that you go for either a mattress that is Pocket-spring or memory foam or one that incorporates these constructions into them. As pocket-spring mattresses contain isolated, enveloped coils, each of these components acts as an individual, so when side-sleeping, the coils will compress more under the hips and shoulders than other bodily regions. This will allow for the adjustment of absorption for the exerted force. The hips and shoulders will be receiving a proportionately equal amount of support to the rest of the body. As for memory foam, its viscoelasticity will ensure that it will adapt to the shoulder and hip pressure points by molding around them. This will alleviate the pains and aches that can come from these parts pressing into the mattress more than other parts of the body.

Side sleeper support

The ‘prayer position’ is used by side-sleepers who are giving their neck support with their own hands. This is when a person sleeps with their hands placed together as if offering a prayer which is put beneath the head. This indicates that they are not receiving sufficient support in the head area.
Of course, when a lot of pressure is subjected to your vital organs when you are sleeping on your left side you don’t want to have a mattress that is too firm because that can only worsen the resistance against the side of your body and make the pressure against the vital organs worse than what it likely was before. However, a mattress that is too soft would not be the answer you’re looking for either. For a mattress with a fine balance and is generally thought of as excellent for side-sleepers, the  Simba Hybrid mattress likely is what you are looking for.

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Simba Hybrid a mattress for stomache sleeping

Are you experiencing stomach pressure as a side sleeper?

Although sleeping on the left has health advantages concerning sleeping on the right, one drawback is that sleeping in this position can place excessive pressure on the stomach, lungs and liver.
If you’re sleeping in the prayer position it is more of an indication of pillow inadequacies than your personality. It is recommended that you opt for a  firm pillow which will prevent your head from sinking in. 

Does sleeping on the side ready make your face asymmetrical and wrinkled?

When you are sleeping on your side one side of your face will be pressed against your pillow or bed surface for a long period. According to the experts, this contributes heavily to the wrinkling or crinkling of the skin.
Numerous companies may profess to have pillow covers that reduce wrinkles on the face being pressed against it. Yet it is difficult to prove the credibility of these companies with ample scientific evidence. However according to experts silk pillowcases actually do help with this. The silk material creates less friction between the face and the casing than most other materials and less friction means less chance of wrinkling. 

Wrinkles and side effects of side sleeping

What is the best mattress for side sleepers? 

The Simba Hybrid is great for side sleepers because of the Simba-pure foam layer of the mattress which provides great pressure relief in the areas most affecting side sleepers. Also, the firmness level helps side-sleepers to achieve a nice sleep. Below is a portal to the Simba Hybrid 

Simba Hybrid

The verdict

The Simba Hybrid is a well-acclaimed mattress that lives up to the hype in most regards. It's Simbatex graphite-infused, open-cell  foam layer makes the breathability and thermal regulation  of the mattress exceptional, so you wouldn't have to worry about the sleepless nights due to heat build-up and sweat discomfort. In addition it really delivers with edge-support due to its edge lift technology which gives the entire mattress a sturdiness. Though you should beware of the sagging that seems to occur in this mattress after a while and consider other options if you are heavy stomache-sleeper, there is a lot that the mattress impresses with. 

Our grading of the Simba Hybrid

Simba mattresses reviewed
Simba Hybrid

You want to buy one of Simba’s Hybrid range mattresses whilst on a budget. Cheaper than the Simba Hybrid pro and Hybrid Luxe.

4 / 5
star star star star Mattresses for side-sleepers

Simba Hybrid: Pros and Cons

We appreciate

    You are a light to average weighted stomach sleeper 

  • You are a sleeping couple who are  sensitive to motion elsewhere on a mattress.
  • You sweat quite a lot when you sleep and need a cover to remove moisture as well as keeping you cool
  • You need assistance with spinal alignment and can’t afford any back problems created during your sleep. 

We regret

  • You have a sleeping partner and will need and don’t want the disturbance of motion from another side of the mattress. For that we recommend the ‘Emma original’ memory foam mattress. This Emma mattress isolates ripples of motion very well.
  • You are a heavy sleeper or weigh above the average. For that we recommend the ‘Dreamcloud Luxury Hybrid

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