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Eight Sleep Pod 3 Cover review

Eight Sleep Pod 3 Cover Review, 2022



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Our editors strive to be honest and accurate. We follow the IPSO Publishers Code of Practice.

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Eight Sleep Pod 3 Cover

 Eight Sleep Pod 3 Cover, a recent edition of Eight Sleep's award-winning 🏆 sleep  technology was introduced to the world🌏️ in July 2022. We found it somewhat disappointing that Eight Sleep's Pod 3 mattress doesn't actually ship 🛳️to Europe, so we could only take a close look at the Pod 3 cover. Although the mattress has been gaining increasing acclaim, the cover has much to do with that. Thankfully it is available in Europe🏔️ and it's causing quite a shake-up in the mattress industry. We think this will truly seperate the analogue technophobes📵 from the digital nerds🤓, but we think whatever category you fall into there is a high chance that you will at least  see the appeal 🍌in the technology with its temperature-controlling system. However we want to help you decide if it's for you and if your mattress is ready to be enveloped✉️ by the cover that points to a techno-centric future🛰️ or if you would consider it a poor investment. 

Parts  of Eight Sleep Pod 3 Topper 

The Encasement

 The Pod 3 cover has a  encasement cover well designed for little or no temperature hindrance and obstruction.🚧  This is simply the part of the cover that fits 👗over the mattress that the cover will be imposed upon. It keeps the cover fixed 🗽in place, for the key part of the cover to function without being shifted. 

Eight Sleep Pod 3 Cover, Components of system
Active Grid

This is found right above the encasement. It's where the cover demonstrates technical brilliance🤩. Here, water🌊 ebbs through the invisible 👻aisle of the mattress topper to cool or warm  your bed. It is transported🚗 to this part of the cover through the water cord connected to the hub.   The sensors implanted into the cover track your sleep and interpret the signals🧏 you pass onto the mattress through your heart rate❤️ and your movement during your sleep. This information is collected during your sleep then delivered to you as a ‘Sleep fitness score’. We can definitely get behind that because it treats sleep like an athletic 🤸activity. Helpfully, you can use this information to develop better sleeping habits because your mattress  cover is literally telling you to.  We guess no one else would know  your sleep better than your bed. 🛌

The Hub

If the Active Grid, paired with the Eight Sleep app are the brain🧠 of the Pod 3, the hub is the heart💝. More literally, it is the engine 🚂for the system . It is the repository for the water which is pumped into the Active Grid. It is in the Hub where the temperature control is implemented with the Hub cooling or heating🌡️ the water which would be flowing 🚤beneath you.

How to set up the Eight Sleep Pod 3 Cover

It can take a while to set up the mattress and synchronise it with the app on your phone. We'll even go as far as state that it can be a tad stressful.🤷 You have to ensure that the hub is connected to your phone via Wi-Fi. It would be a decent idea 💡to ensure you have a stable internet connection🔌, so that this part is as simple as it can be. 

  • Add the encasement 
  • Zip on the Active Grid
  • Place the Hub close to your bedside and connect it to the internet 📶
  • Create a profile in the App, and also create one for your partner👫 if applicable
  • Sleep comfortably 😴and wake up to your first Sleep Fitness Report in the morning ⛅

In order for you to get a clearer idea, follow this instructional video to see setting it up in practice…

Key numbers

The few components that make up the Pod 3 cover system will  arrive in two boxes. 📦️

The three crucial connections are the water cord into the Hub,  the USB connector into the USB port. and the Power💪 cord into the outlet of the Hub.

You need to make time for the priming which takes about 90 minutes. This is performed in two cycles.🚴 Basically, priming is just the removal of air bubbles from the system which can have a negative impact😬 on how the technology works. 

Eight Sleep Pod 3, Dual Zone temperature control

Does Eight Sleep Pod 3  regulate temperature well?

Cooling and heating features of this topper are one of the measures adopted in Pod 3 by Eight Sleep to sustain🌲 your comfort all through the night. The Pod is the only mattress cover that contains hydro-powered🏊️ technology . Through its autopilot🛫 temperature control , it automatically heats or cools your mattress topper before you enter your bed. This tech magic lures you to sleep as soon as you climb 🧗 into your mattress. Also, when couples  sleep together, the sides of the mattress are automatically set to suit their temperature needs with the Dual Zone Temperature technology.  This ranges from a cool 12 degrees to a very warm👅 43 degrees celcius.  Therefore  there won't be night sweats or cold sleeping ❄️ again. This can all be controlled from your phone📲 which we find to be quite exciting. You don't often see this kind of specific temperature customisation on a bed because this kind of technology is essentially just emerging. 🌱

What people thought of the  Eight Sleep Pod 3 Cover?

Star rating 

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Reviewer Gender

Up to this point I have enjoyed the Pod 3 Cover. I've been only sleeping on it for a few weeks, but has been fine up to this point. The app is a little buggy though.⭐️⭐️⭐️United StatesMale
I love the cooling aspect of the Pod 3 Cover. Although I had a leak with my system it was quickly replaced with a functional set.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️United StatesMale
They definitely overpromised on their delivery date to make the sale. Waiting for a month is quite annoying in an age of instant delivery. Other than that the Pod 3 Cover was well packaged with effective instructions. It has actually transformed my life. I now don't even have to check the app to see how I've slept because I wake up feeling refreshed. Living wit floor to ceiling windows made the warmer seasons a challenge to get throug, but Eight Sleep has solved that for me with the Pod 3. I am enjoying my sleep now⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️United KingdomMale

The Eight Sleep app: Is it helpful?

The app will divide up➗ your sleeping levels during your stretch🧘 of unconsciousness. It is separated into your light sleep, your deep sleep and your REM sleep which is the state you are in when you dream💭. These data points are displayed to you in percentages and your sleep score⚽️ is given to you as a percentage, so if you are experiencing a high percentage of light sleep with little to no REM sleep, then your score likely will be quite low.👇️ This data is arranged as a graph, so you can see your day to day sleep score; analyse🕵️ the consistency or lack of it and match your daily decisions 🤔to how it is affecting your sleep. 

The app, conveniently enough, helps with this too. The Sleep overall part of the app allows you to input information📊 about your day to deduce through the sleep metrics📈 about how much of an impact and what impact they make on your sleep. These are the lifestyle tags🏌️ that you can add to your day if appropriate including the likes of  excercise🏋️, meditation, alcohol consumption🍺, recreational CBD use and late TV watching. These can be quite beneficial tools for managing  your  daily habits to optimise your sleep patterns.

What parts of the Pod 3 Cover excelled?

Temperature Autopilot 

Eight Sleep's Temperature Autopilot is a technology designed to improve your sleep comfort by creating an effective microclimate 🏝️system. It detects your need by your biometrics🦾 and automatically adjusts temperature through the night to provide you with premium sleep💤 and keep you highly refreshed after the day's stress.  It detects when a sleeper doses off, and immediately adjusts🔧 the temperature by switching it on and off based on your personal needs.

Eight Sleep Pod 3 Cover


Eight Sleep utilizes its GentleRise technology to wake you up with a subtle,🤫 and gradual fluctuation of temperature. The tremor on the chest level of the Pod on your side of the topper, gently stirs you, giving you that luxury🎩 wake up instead of that jarring alarm clock ⏰ringing kind of sleep interruptions. 

The CPU 

 The  Hub is  powered by a quad-core CPU💻️. In other words the processor is rather work-efficient,👷 as opposed⚔️ to a dual-core as an example. Also the Pod 3 cover offers  5Ghz Wi-Fi support, essential for  health tracking🐾 and generating your  health metrics. These include  a monitoring of your respiratory level. 

The draw-backs: What we felt needed improving

We found you had to have hydrogen peroxide and half a gallon of distilled water🐳 at the ready to put into the mattress chamber in order for it to be operational as a hydro-powered technology🚄 .When you think about it that should be expected, but needing to have 4 tablespoons🥄 of the standard proportion of hydrogen peroxide water  which is 3% in most household🏠️ products which includes it, is just a little burdensome👎️. This is  especially the case  if you'd rather sleep than shop 🛒around looking 👀for hydrogen peroxide water. This is worth mentioning because you won't just be needing this when setting it up, but you will need to top up the water supply in the tank of the Hub every few months. 

You did need a special🦄 membership to extract certain information about your sleep through the Eight Sleep app. This is the pro membership. One feature that this membership allows you is that the app will point out any oddities 🥴or abnormalities🛸 about your sleep from its readings 📚️of your sleeping sessions. We would have hoped this would have been accessible with the regular app, but it's certainly a tool 🔨that could justify getting hold of the membership.

As there is a lot of technology at work the Eight Sleep Pod 3 Cover does produce certainly more noise🔊 than a regular foam mattress topper. It could be labelled as a gentle hum🎵, but for some sensitive sleepers we found it could actually have the opposite effect than what the cover designers🛍️ were going for. If even slight noises can affect you ability to find sleep, you should be aware of this.


Eight Sleep Pod 3 Cover is among the high-tech📡 and high-quality smart 🤵mattress toppers that you can get in the UK as well as  other parts of the world🌐. If you are looking for a smart temperature-regulation mattress cover, you may wish to check the  Pod 3 out.

Eight Sleep Company Policies

  •  You receive a  30 night trial💯 when you purchase the Pod 3 cover
  •  Eight Sleep offer free shipping 🚢
  •  For those dissatisfied within the trial period you can make use of the free returns that Eight Sleep enable
  •  There is a 2-year guarantee extended on the Pod 3 cover technology 

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