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Our editors strive to be honest and accurate. We follow the IPSO Publishers Code of Practice.

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Should you buy a mattress online?

Buying a mattress is a major decision-making🧠 moment  for the person who will be sleeping upon it.  Recently though, the question that  has become more and more prevalent  for the average mattress buyer  has been whether you should buy your mattress online or buy it within a physical store🏬. There has been a clear evolution where mattress stores are losing📉 its more digital 🤖customers, but we will consider how online-purchasing and in-store buying compare and which of the two will likely benefit you more. Our years of experience in the mattress industry give us quite an extensive view👁️ of the value for  each, so we will look at numerous elements. 


The first difference between visting a brick and mortar 🧱store and sitting in front of your laptop💻️, perhaps on the bed you're ready to replace, with a hot cup of coffee☕️ in one hand, browsing mattresses  is indisputable. Obviously, unless operating a laptop for you is like sitting in front of monitors for an air-traffic control job✈️ with no experience, online buying is going to be more convenient. Likely, if you are going to have to drive or get public transport to visit the mattress store it will be cheaper for you too. This difference between in-store buying and online purchasing is a no-brainer😵, so we think there is not much need to discuss it further. For the sake of energy-conservation, comfort and relaxed 😊purchasing, you should absolutely buy online. 

You can even bag yourself great  discount bargains by putting in as much effort as clicking a virtual button.  The Emma Original is a great example because you can get 50% off.

Our grading of the Emma Original Mattress

Emma Original reviewed Emma Original Mattress

Emma Original Mattress: The classic Mattress, a bestseller throughout Europe

4.5 / 5
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Buying mattress in store, open sign on door
How you can test a mattress without having to visit a store? 

Another hot point of comparison between both acts of buying is the capacity for testing a mattress. We, at Undercover Mattress, can't stress how important we feel it is to test how a mattress responds to your body and not just rely on how it looks👀, how thick it is, what it's tog-rating is, or PCF. These are important data-points, but they don't substitute actually sleeping on the bed.  That seemingly could prompt you to turn towards going  into a physical store and test their mattresses🛌, but actually we've discovered🕵️ that needing to test a mattress makes it better to buy online if you want the convenience that comes with that also.  The answer for that comes in two words: ‘Trial Periods’. 

 Most well-acclaimed mattresses nowadays offer at least 100 day trial nights to give you a long-period to overcome indecision🤔 about whether a mattress it best suited for you. This usually comes with free returns that are possible if you are not satisfied within that trial period. 

That means you can check out a mattress online and get to test it for up to an entire year with some mattresses and just toss it back for free if you don't like it. Sounds like a dream💭, but it really is true and many have benefited from going down the route of online-purchasing  for that reason. For us the guarantee of at least  100 trial nights 100%💯 beats just being able to roll around on a bed for 5 minutes.  As a great example the Nectar mattress offers 365 day trial periods. Yes, a whole year. You can check it out below.

Nectar Mattress

Our grading of the Nectar Mattress

Nectar mattresses reviewed
Nectar Mattress

We will be taking a look at the Nectar Mattress to see if it is in an ideal fit for you.

4.5 / 5
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Should you buy a mattress online?Half star image

Our opinion on the Nectar Mattress


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Should you buy a mattress online?

It's all a performance…

Remember when you enter a mattress store, part of the service is having a show being put on for you.🎪 The mattress store is essentially a showroom with only the most well  put together and fullest looking mattresses making it on display. Picture a beauty pageant,👸 but for mattresses. The store will only want to show off their best looking ones🙆, styled impeccably.  Of course the same can be stated for mattresses displayed online. In fact this is maybe even more likely  the case with filters and digital enhancing 🖥️technology available.  However there is a crucial variation which engenders a huge difference. Availability of objective opinion. 

Why trust us?

You know how you dream of getting a good night's sleep? Well, you can. Get the sleep you deserve with our mattress and sleeping product reviews. Our team tests out all the best mattresses so that you don't have to. We fill our site with honest and detailed reviews, along with fair comparisons of similar products and personalized recommendations for which one is best for you. We have reviewed over 50 products with more than 20 data points for each mattress. making our reviews thorough and rigorous.

Global pandemics took the fun out of store visits

Remember, Covid-19? 😩 Within mattress stores people touch and roll about on the same mattress. Sure, that might have been the scene for a cute, 🤗enticing advert back in the day, seeing kids👶 play about on a store mattress and adults falling back onto it with a smile on their face,  moving their hands across the surface.  COVID has taken away the cuteness from that kind of commercial.📺️  When you decide a trial period through an online purchase is best for you, then you guarantee a fresh,🌿 untouched mattress is what you'll be testing out, instead of one with mysterious microbes🦠 lurking on it.  Check out Mattress Nerd's take

Should you buy a mattress online?

The suited salesperson or the talkative reviewer 

If you're choosing to buy online or in-store you are fundamentally deciding between a brand ambassador🤵 who needs to sell a product and the  access to a gamut of information regarding the same mattress, some of it completely honest🗣️ and unbiased whilst others are disingenuous.  To tackle🤼 the problem of separating the false from the true we  have opted to collate the information of aunthentic assessments  and our own examined observations and product knowledge🗂️.  It's why we include real🙋, butanonymous testimonials from actual  reviewers for each mattress we review. 

Online sites had to play catch-up

There has been a major area where in-store buying has had a massive edge over online purchasing. That is the  customer service. Initially the underwhelming response was online chat bots.  However a lot of people want to talk to a real person🧔 and there is a big chance you're included in that category. That is why mattresses are turning towards having live chat forums where product experts communicate through portals with yourself. This is one of numerous contact routes📞 to mattress customer service teams. E-mails🖥️ and phone numbers are accessible for quick attention to answer concerns you have if our FAQs don't cover them. 

The verdict…

Well, then, if your still undecided of your method for bringing home your new mattress, we'll package 📦️the advantages of both sides for you. 

Advantages of buying in a physical store

Advantages of buying online

Opportunity to speak to someone face to face about a particular mattressGet to browse as many mattresses as you want in a short period of time⏳️
Chance to make a day trip out of buying a mattress🚗Don't have to leave your home🏘️ to make a purchase and get a delivery and even have your old mattress removed
Fast delivery💨 from store purchasesGet to see unbiased testimonials from people who have tried the mattress
 Can bypass🏃 the salesperson and assess every angle of a mattress
 Can test a mattress for at least 100 days due to trial period mattress polcies wich are becoming increasingly popular.😎
 Can remain protected from surface and airborne viruses in stores and physical  vendors by remaining at home for purchases.
 Can apply discounts at the touch of a button👈️

In conclusion, purchasing a mattress online allows for convenience,😉 efficiency and comprehensive insight. If you find that you would prefer visiting  a brick and mortar store you would be compromising on these aspects, but would be able to physically💪 see a mattress before buying it. From the point of deciding how to buy a mattress it becomes a matter of  which mattress it will be. This is where our expertise really kicks🦶 in. Below👇️ are some articles we would recommend you look at.


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